Since 1995

Craving some Biltong?

Try the DIY Namaqua Biltong Tube

You can make your own delicous biltong, with no hassle in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is add the desired spiced meat into the machine, turn it on and in no time you will have fresh and delicous biltong. Why pay high prices for biltong when you can make as much as you want for half the price and spiced exactly how you want it?

Biltong tube advantages:

  • Thinner strips of meat take only 24 hours to dry, thicker pieces take up to 3 days!
  • The tube can also be used to dry other things such as fruit and herbs so it is a very useful gadget to own
  • You can easily dry up to 2KG of meat at a time
  • Not only is it an attractive counter-top appliance but it also uses less electricity then a standard household lightbulb
  • The biltong tube is easy to clean
  • The biltong tube has also been designed with a safe heating system, which means even in colder climates drying is made easier and faster.

Your all season Biltong Maker... no Fuss, no Flies and no Bad Smells